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Hammer and Nail Game


The hammer and nail set is one of the most popular game. With this high -quality game, great own creations or the use of the templates are possible. The children hammer the nails into the pre-made holes of the mosaic forms. This requires sensitivity and therefore trains the hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. In the figures and the shapes, the children also recognize geometric shapes and reflections. This means that the very smallest playfully get into the geometry.

Funding goals:

Hand-eye coordination
fine motor skills
get to know geometric forms

Items Included:
Colourful / Basic version: 200 mosaic shapes (thickness: 3 mm), Farfallas / Minibots version: 144 mosaic shapes (thickness: 3 mm)
4 small wooden hammers
4 cork plates (1 x 25 x 15,5 cm)
250 nails (in a plastic box)
Colourful version: 4 templates, printed on one side, Farfallas / Minibots / Basic version: 5 templates, printed on both sides, total of 10 designs
1 storage box

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