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Small Geometric Shapes (40)


Get to know geometric bodies
10 different bodies
Height of a body: approx. 2.5 cm
playfully convey the colorful world of geometry
The geometry body sentence is perfect for your descriptive geometry lessons. With a feel bag, the children can feel and describe the body or find out a certain body based on an existing description. In this way, the different forms are illustrated and learned in a playful way. The also supports colorful and stable design . The sentence in 4 different colors is ideal for group work and independent work. In addition to the spatial idea, this set also trains the linguistic expressiveness of the students. This is how the geometry lessons are fun.

– 4×10 different bodies, each in 4 colors
cubes, cuboids, cones, ball, hemisphere, three -sided and six -side prism, three -sided and four -sided pyramid, cylinder

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