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Wall Panels Set 2 (6)


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6 Creative motor skills plays in a set
With these 6 colorful score , they promote the different areas of motor skills in their children. The motor walls can be explored by the little ones through , binding, pushing and sorting.
With these turntables you can promote the sensory perception of your children. You can use this convertible to introduce the little ones into the world of optical illusions. With the 3 different wrests, 4 phenomena can be playfully researched.

Numbers and quantities
Quantities from 1 to 10 are assigned to the corresponding numbers. The small mathematicians get to know different representations of numbers and can playfully solve simple arithmetic tasks.

Hand Eye Co ordinaion
The little ones carry a ball through the wooden track with small intermediate stops. These stations are numbered with the numbers from 0 to 9 and enable a first count. The children’s understanding of numbers can also be set up by small arithmetic tasks with this wall element. Rainbow colors can be rotated independently of one another by small children’s hands. So the little ones can recognize and assign the same colors. The introduction to the topic of complementary colors can also be implemented playfully with the color circles. Inside, this wall play has their first experiences in mechanics. The gears can be turned by hand and the inventors can discover as a gearwheel causes the other.

Fine Motor
The children learn to make the knot and bind a loop in different ways.

All details at a glance:

6 different wall games in a set
Suitable for children from 18 months
Several children can play at the same time
simple wall mounting

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